New & Improved Pigment Formula – Medium Brown


Our pigments now:

  • Have a new and improved formula
  • Are a creamy texture
  • Won’t dry in your pigment ring
  • Will stay set on the tip of the blade
  • Can be used for Powder Brows when mixed with Pigment Thinner
  • Have the perfect consistency for Microblading
  • Heals true to color
  • Does not need modifications



Beauty Angels pigment was purposely designed to deliver AMAZING HEALED RESULTS on many different types of skin, including oily skin which tends to be challenging skin to work with.

Additionally, it was designed to be able to be used for BOTH microblading AND for machine (Saving you money)!

Due to the unique design, it might take you a few tries to learn how to use the pigment properly… but once you do, you will be AMAZED at the results!

For example, you may be accustomed to pigment that tends to show up darker immediately after the treatment and then heals lighter.

Beauty Angels pigment instead tends to appear lighter immediately after the treatment but when healed, it will become the color you intended with sharp, clear strokes.


  • Produces AMAZING healed results
  • Produces strokes that look very thin and natural
  • Can be used for microblading AND for machine!
  • Is clean and safe
  • Is made in USA
  • Is vegan
  • Is not tested using animals
  • Is non-magnetic


We truly hope you enjoy our pigment and post your healed results online with the hashtag #beautyangelscanada!

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